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Never fear, the Life-Size BB-8 Floor Lamp is here!

BB-8 Floor Lamp

If you’ve seen the new Star Wars movie, then you are undoubtedly wishing that BB-8, Rey, and Finn were your best friends. While you can’t have the real thing because those actors are people and that would be classified as kidnapping, that doesn’t mean you can’t flood your home with action figures and posters of the trio. Of course, the problem then is what do you choose, and how much are you willing to spend on your new toys?

If you wouldn’t mind chucking a few hundred dollars out the window, then maybe this Life-Size BB-8 Floor Lamp might tickle your fancy. This is an officially-licensed piece of Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise that is made of aluminum and comes with a stand so your little friend can’t go off exploring your home. By tapping BB-8’s head, you’ll be able to turn on or off the light, and can choose one of three lighting modes.

There is cold white, amber, and warm white options for you to choose from so you aren’t stuck with one bright light for all times of the day. While this is made of mostly hollow metal covered in decals with some LEDs tossed in there, it’s still a teensy bit weighty at 15 pounds. It does have a 6 foot cable, and stands about 28 1/2” tall with being 20” in diameter. This adorable floor lamp is going to cost you $349.99, which seems like nothing compared to how much we would pay to have the real thing give us a thumbs up.

Available for purchase on thinkgeek