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The Fantastic Shoedryer will keep your foot bags smelling fancy

Fantastic Shoedryer

In the winter we wear as many layers as we can to protect ourselves from the cold. Staying warm is a real challenge, and we dream of summer days while we huddle next to the heater. However, once it finally rolls around, we want nothing more than a light breeze when it feels like the summer sun is melting our skin off. Despite the heat, we have to keep some clothing on, which is usually covered in sweat by the end of a day.

Our shoes, especially those we use for working out are often drenched in sweat. There’s nothing worse than sticking your feet into a wet shoe, so you’ll want to make sure you dry them appropriately to keep mold from growing, or squishing your feet into your own sweat. This Fantastic Shoedryer is sure to help with this situation, as it is a wireless system (aside from the charging station) that allows you to put two little shoe fans directly into your shoes and run them for a one or three hour cycle to dry them.

These fans only need to be set into their charging dock after three hours of use, so your shoes will defintely be dry before this dies on you. The charging base has a red light which will indicate that the fans are indeed charging. There are also holes in the base so you can mount this to the wall near your shoe rack. This is going to cost you around $63, and would be perfect for those who are a little too fond of working up a sweat or jumping in puddles.

Available for purchase on Unikia

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