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Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Colored Tattoo Sleeve

These are just silly, fake tattoo sleeves. If you want an arm full of ink without the pain or longevity you can now get fake complete arm tattoos.

The tattoo sleeves are basically arm tights with tattoo patterns on them, they come in Traditional, Tribal, Japanese and Celtic designs. If you do get one you’ll want to make sure nobody finds out the tattoo is fake as I reckon you’d be quite the laughing stock :).

Available from Prank Place.

9 thoughts on “Fake Tattoo Sleeves”

  1. I think its interesting what a big deal it is if someone were to wear these. Does getting a REAL tat prove you are more of a man or woman? Are we really this shallow? -why get a tat?- some people get them for more than a fashion statement but I think take it too far and have it be some kind of religious experience, or wrap their Identity in them.
    I also think tats have the image associated with them. Ya know the rebel bad a@@ thing. So now with every one getting ink done the fake sleeves are more hard core than real tats because u are flipping off society!!!! Questioning what defines cool– and that is punk rock!

  2. Which exact brand are you wearing? These would be awesome for a halloween costume, but i don’t want to get the cheap ones that look too fake.

  3. this one looks way too fake but you can find really good ones on ebay, just got a pair and you cannot tell the difference between a real tat 😉

  4. If by chance someone with a fake tattoo sleeve had the balls to show up at any public function…I’m sure he would be the laughing stock by his peers, as well as embarrasing to his friends, and hopfully then would understand that he’s gay.
    I would like to think that only a Homo or some kind of loser would ever wear those ridiculous fake tattoo panty hose things on their arms. Unless hes a comedian, hed be stupid.

  5. I have to say this, I love the fake arm tattoo sleeves. I wear them to stay warm. They are great under jackets or sweatshirts, or at parties where you don’t want to wear a long sleeve, but want something. Silly, I know, but it works. Now, if I can just find those Celtic ones they mentioned, I’d feel better than the crap cheap ones I got for $1 that have hearts and say “U Rock My World” and is all pink and girly…

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