Fake, soiled underpants for home security.

We knew that this was a “security device” that had to appear as a coolest gadgets feature, the only problem was; what should we write? We thought; “Words fail us; the photo says it all!” might do the job, but being the professionals that we are, we’ve dug deep and written a few comments to paint a picture in your mind:

So, imagine your worst nightmare. The bad guys have somehow got past Rex the Electronic Guard Dog, and they’re in your home!

No doubt you’ve a fake wallet with a few notes and expired credit cards, as well as a box of some tin jewellery, but even that’s not fooled these guys.

The “Brief Safe” is your last line of defence.

Stash any small valuables in these fake, soiled briefs and leave them in your laundry basket, and even the most seasoned of burglars will shy away. Also you can add a little “Eau de Poo” scented fragrance to reinforce the deterrent effect! Unfortunately, there’s not much space in the 4” by 10” secret compartment, but at $9 each, you could easily buy a few pairs of these briefs from hell that would no doubt compound the nightmare even further for any would-be intruders.

This is one security gadget that could, seriously, work in the home or in any hotel room. The only problem for me would be to, later, distinguish the fake pants from my real ones!

Product page.

Found via TechEblog.

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