Faceless Watch

Of all the watches I’ve come across, this is probably one of the strangest out there.  It has straight forwards hands, and convenient notches to help you read the time.  Really, while it is strange, it is extremely straightforward as far as reading the time goes.  Which to me is perfectly fine.  I wouldn’t want to deal with a watch that you can barely read on a regular basis.  The big twist with this watch is that the back of it is completely clear.

It’ll show through every last one of your arm hairs.  Making it even more true when you say the time is a hair past a freckle.  I’m not sure that I’d want my arm featured so much that it’s the backing to my watch, but maybe you’re proud of the way your wrists look.  You might have to wait a while to get your hands on one of these though.  As of now they’re just a concept design by Jihun Yeom.

Source: Likecool