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The FaceCradle Travel Pillow looks as silly as it sounds, but if you’re comfortable, does it matter?


If you have to travel a lot, then you know hard it can be hop from one plane to another. Those who want to sleep on the plane or get a reasonable amount of leg room have to pay extra, and to get that for every flight will add up fast. If all you want is a bit of shuteye, then you might be looking into a neck pillow, but even those can get uncomfortable pretty quickly.

 So long as you don’t mind looking a bit silly, the FaceCradle will allow you to sleep peacefully without disturbing your neighbors, regardless of whether the seat in front of you is down, and best of all – gives you multiple sleeping positions to choose from. This may look like a u-shaped neck pillow, but has 5 comfort modes, and will actually support your head! The modes consist of dozing, snoozing, table nap, deep sleep front, side, and breathe easy, all of which rely on gravity to do the dirty work for you.

The deep sleep modes require you to loop a strap over your seat, which shouldn’t interfere with flights that have a screen on the back of each chair, but you will have to ask the person behind you about looping it on either side of the TV. The different positions can be adjusted by pressing the two buttons to release the pillow as it is sliced lengthways in half. It’s easy to move, is filled with hypoallergenic memory foam, and yes, the cover is machine-washable. This will cost you around $30 if you’re interested in backing a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter