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Facebook for PlayBook introduced

When you are the 800lbs gorilla in any industry, niche or otherwise, you can certainly throw your weight around, and whatever you do or say does have repercussions on others who are far smaller and depend on you. Case in point, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook – this particular tablet is not exactly doing gangbusters in the market ever since it was released earlier this year, never mind the fact that the hardware itself looks rather solid. What the PlayBook misses out on would be software and the different kinds of corporate connectivity that users are looking for, which means most people have decided to stick to the iPad 2 as well as Android-powered tablets. Having said that, it is nice to know that Facebook still considers the the BlackBerry PlayBook to be crucial enough to offer support, hence the social networking giant has just revealed their latest update to Facebook for BlackBerry, coming in version 2.1 this time around. Launched in the BlackBerry App World storefront, this bit of news ought to get you jumping up and down in excitement if you are a PlayBook owner, considering it comes with the often requested feature from #TeamBlackBerry – Facebook Groups. It is always nice to see companies listen to their customers and actually doing something about the situation to make things right. Having listened to and incorporating user feedback on the application, the Facebook app team here at RIM has finally delivered features and functionality that users want and expect. For those who have yet to make the download of Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet v2.1, you can head on towards the BlackBerry App World. Bear in mind that for some users, it might take up to 24 hours for the new version to populate, so hold your horses if you see nothing yet. Basically, Facebook Groups was specially designed for users to share and interact with the groups that you are interested in the most. Facebook Groups on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet enables on to view groups which you are a member of, putting up your updates, photos and videos, and checking out profiles of others in the same group. Sounds like something singles and Forever Alone guys would be interested in. Press Release ]]>