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EZVIZ reveals the Lookout Smart Door Viewer

ezviz-lookoutWant to make your home a little bit smarter? Sure, there might be a smart doorbell in place already, so why not go the extra mile and throw in a smart door viewer? EZVIZ has just the thing right up your alley in the form of the EZVIZ Lookout Smart Door Viewer. Basically, the Lookout Smart Door Viewer will be able to transform any front entrance into a connected and protected smart door. Of course, no hardware these days will work well without a corresponding app, which is why the Lookout Smart Door Viewer will be complemented by an EZVIZ app. Not only that, it can be integrated to work alongside other kinds of third-party voice services like Amazon Alexa, making it an extremely interesting proposition.

 The Lookout Smart Door Viewer is an award-winning piece of home hardware, where it will arrive in the form of a two-part smart home door entry video solution. The whole idea behind this allows it to transform an existing peephole in any door to become part of the connected home. Being encased in a sleek and durable zinc alloy body, the EZVIZ Lookout Smart Door Viewer will boast of a high definition professional grade camera lens that is equipped with infrared adaptive technology for night vision purposes. The lens will hook up through a secured cable via the peephole, where whatever happens on the outside can be viewed on a touchscreen display that is located on the inside of the door, making it a whole lot safer. Perhaps horror stories should stop using the old peephole murder trick, with the advent of such smart door viewers.

In addition, the EZVIZ Lookout Smart Door Viewer’s extended remote viewing capability will be able to deliver the convenience of secure viewing regardless of where you are, thanks to the accompanying app. This means you can be in your room and check out who is at the front door without having to get up from your comfortable bed. Homeowners are also able to create a gallery of trusted visitors in the app, where facial recognition technology within the Lookout Smart Door Viewer is able to identify the person at the door quickly and accurately. The presence of an adjustable microphone, loudspeaker and integrated chime helps add to its appeal.

The asking price would be $229.99 for the Lookout Smart Door Viewer.

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