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Ezeleash for innovative dog handling

Having trouble walking all three of your dogs simultaneously? Why not let the ezeleash ease your burden by offering an innovative method that will definitely save you a whole lot of muscle strain and stress.

ezeleash is an ergonomically designed dog lead handle, incorporating a bag dispenser and a spray hand sanitizer. It allows you comfortable control of your dog or dogs. The handle has a grip especially designed to reduce strain on your hand and forearm. The bag dispenser is designed to accommodate a roll of specially shaped, biodegradable ezebags. These can be accessed with one hand, while still retaining easy control of your dog. The full bag can be attached to the underside of the ezeleash until it is able to be properly disposed of. The ezeclenze sanitizer allows you to clean your hands at any time after dealing with your pet. The waterless spray evaporates off, leaving your hands fresh, moisturised and germ free. ezeleash has an adjustable lead portion, so that you are able to change the lead length to suit your needs.

Now this is definitely a convergence product made specially for dog lovers, and I must say I am pretty impressed by it! It works fine for just one dog, and even better for owners of multiple dogs. Prices start from $39.90 upwards, depending on the type of packaging you prefer.

2 thoughts on “Ezeleash for innovative dog handling”

  1. What a waste of money. Though I do hope someone buys it so I can laugh when the dog yanks the leash out of their hand and run off with the cell phone.

  2. what a brilliant idea! I always feel the need to wash my hands after I have picked up my doggys poo after all if i picked it up in my back garden, even though I obviously use a plastic bag, i would still go and wash my hands! I never have to remember my poo bags as they are in the handle and best of all when Im wearing my shorts and t-shirt in summer and have no pockets for my phone I can carry it in the lead. These will make great pressies, can’t wait to try one.

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