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The EZE Cold Brew Coffee Maker Bottle is ready for the morning hustle

EZE Cold Brew Coffee Maker bottle

If you like both coffee and tea, then you know there will be days where you prefer one over the other. Of course, from there you have to choose what kind of which you want, the myriad options for milk, alternative milks, syrups, sweeteners, and take into account whether it’s going into a travel cup or your favorite mug. Since we’re always deciding on the spot, it’s better to have as many options as we can available so when cravings hit they can be satisfied immediately.

Cold brew coffee is something you always have to plan ahead for as it takes several hours to brew properly. To add this drink into your regular rotation of caffeinated beverages, there is a little bit of prep involved, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The 28 ounce EZE Cold Brew Coffee Maker Bottle is simple to use, and will make sure you have enough to last a day or more through your addiction.

It’s a simple setup as you only need to put grounds into the mesh strainer, shake, and leave in the fridge for 8 hours or more. Coarse grounds are said to be the best option for this method, and be sure to brew with water rather than milk. It’ll cost you $13.99 and while it is meant for coffee, you can always make tea or fruit water with this bottle as well. Just try to remember that if you’re making coffee, you won’t want to wash it with soap and water unless you prefer a soapy aftertaste.

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