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The Eye-Vac EVPro is a dustpan that will never leave a line of dirt behind

EyeVac EVPro

If you’ve ever tried to sweep up dust, you know that a broom is only a small portion of the battle. Gathering the dust is annoying sure, but trying to get it from a nice neat pile into the trash can is a real challenge. The dust pan always leave a little line of dust and crumbs behind, reminding you that the war against a dirty home will never be over.

While you don’t want to let the dust bunnies get the last laugh, most regular dust pans won’t cut it. You’re normally stuck sweeping up the same bit over and over, kicking up the dust that you’re trying to toss out. The Eye-Vac EVPro will help you avoid such a fruitless endeavor┬áby giving you a stationary dustpan that will suck up dust and debris so it can’t escape. This uses infrared sensors to detect unwanted particles of debris or dirt and vacuums them into its bagless canister which you can empty when it’s full.

It usually turns on automatically when dirt comes too near, but to prevent it randomly sucking up air, you can manually turn it on or off. There are dual HEPA filters that will catch the tinier stuff to help improve air quality as well. This 1400w machine is going to cost you around $97, and would be perfect for any home with pets and hardwood floors, where the job of sweeping up pet hair is almost never over.

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