EyeVac Calls Your Dustpan a Sissy


Yeah, that right, dustpan, your day is done. I’m sick of bending over and hurting my back to get the dust fly with that broom. And I’m also sick of that stupid little line of just that I can’t get in the pan to save my life.

That’s right, I’m throwing you away with the trash, dustpan. The Eye-Vac Pro Electric Dustpan is the one for me. It’s nothing personal, dustpan, but this dustpan is so easy to use as I sweep it there, and an infrared sensors reads my dirt and sucks it up automatically.

Not only that, it can clean the air with some HEPA filtration, and it tells me when it is full. Best of all, it is out of the way, just stashed in a corner there, yet always when I need it. It even has a manual on and off switch for me, and it turns off automatically when it’s job is done.

So dustpan, you are dust. I’m place an order to Smarthome, the Home Automation Superstore, and putting down $79.99 for this convenient appliance in my home.

That, or perhaps I will get a Roomba. Yet aren’t those devices for carpets? I don’t know, but all I know is that I hate sweeping and anything that makes it easier is a sold product for me.

Via Smarthome