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Eyestrain Reducing Apothecary Lamp makes for a pleasant reading experience

apothecary-lampAs one ages with the passage of time (which is inevitable for just about everyone simply because there is no such thing as the fountain of youth), then one can also expect one’s body to start breaking down in all sorts of different places and areas, be it weakening knees, or perhaps poorer eyesight. Thankfully, medical science has advanced to help us maintain a better quality of life even in our old age, and voracious readers would definitely find the $149.95 Eyestrain Reducing Apothecary Lamp worth checking out.

The Eyestrain Reducing Apothecary Lamp comes across as a traditional brass apothecary lamp which will feature a full-spectrum bulb that will be able to enhance contrast and reduce eyestrain and glare. Rather than the yellow glare produced by incandescent bulbs, the lamp’s full-spectrum white glow mimics sunlight, which in turn reduces eye fatigue, and helps improve visual acuity. The floor lamp also boasts of a classic design that has been preferred for task lighting since the late 19th century, as it directs the beam downward over a work area for improved visibility. With a weighted base to ensure stability, it will feature a boom arm and round metal shade that can be positioned at any angle in order to brightly illuminate reading materials, crafts, and other detail work. The 42-watt bulb itself generates 2,100 lumens and has been rated to last up to 10,000 hours, which is a pretty long time.