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Experience 50 Shades of Sight with Carvers Sunglasses

Carver sunglasses

Even though we’re a tech site, we know that many of you reading this have hobbies outside of the gadgets and gizmos aplenty that we look into everyday. Some of those hobbies may involve going outside. I personally am not a fan, but I’m sure others are. And for those of you familiar enough with the sun, you may understand that diverse outdoor lighting situations are not most effectively dealt with by using only a single pair of sunglasses.

That’s where Carvers Sunglasses comes in. Announced in a recent IndieGoGo campaign, the Carvers Sunglasses are for those who know that different sunglasses are needed for different occasions, and allow you to expedite the process by having frames with interchangeable lenses. Currently, they are offering four different tinted lenses with up to three different reflecting colors for each tint. Each of these filters different lighting to make it easier on the eyes, such as a purple tint to reduce green light, which is ideal for hiking through the woods, a blue or grey tint for sunny days, a brown tint for cloudy days, and an olive tint to block out infared light.

Each frame is made out of cellulose acetate, a bioplastic that brags flexibility, comfort, and durability. The lenses offer 100% UV protection and are coated with scratch-resistant material on each side, and the frames are reinforced with stainless steel. Check out the IndieGoGo and get your pair with three different lenses for only $39, a total steal since the frames will retail for $105 each.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo