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Eye Scanning Password Authenticator ups the security ante

eye-scanning-password-authenticatorBiometric security is starting to gain traction in this world, no doubt about it. After all, it is a whole lot more secure as opposed to a password, although we have seen in the movies how some really mean bad guy could actually be willing to rip out your eyeball – just to gain access to a particular floor or enter a secure area that relies on biometric security devices. Well, let us get back to reality at the moment – with so many different passwords for you to remember these days due to the numerous user accounts that you have, perhaps the $279.95 Eye Scanning Password Authenticator might come in handy after all.

This is a palm-sized device that will be able to scan the eye to confirm a user’s identity before granting access to secure websites as well as other sensitive digital data. It will make use of the similar biometric technology that has been trusted to verify travelers over at international borders, thanks to a small camera which will scans each user’s iris. There will be 240 distinctive points that form a pattern which are unique to an individual, and it is through the identification of this information that allows the authenticator to come up with an encrypted ID which cannot be forged or duplicated, making it a whole lot more secure than standard passwords.