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Eye Lamp is watching you

Take a look at this new lamp’s design. Better yet, let it take a look at you. Yeah, it’s pretty creepy all right.

If George Orwell had been right about his prediction of 1984, then I can imagine that every citizen in that dystopian age would have these Eyelamps on their wall, reminding them of the comforting eyes of Big Brother.

Of course, once the lights are on, are you going to even see that they look like eyes? If the bulb is bright enough, you probably might just pass it by without a thought. By the way, if you want more light, just raise the lids some more. In all honesty, I think the Eyelamp would freak me out the most when the lids were closed, because I would be afraid that they would spontaneously open up on their own.

So far, this Eyelamp is nothing but a concept. In all honesty, I don’t see it becoming a reality, simply because I don’t know any demand for lights that look like eyes.

However, here’s a little side note on 1984 that you might not know. It was actually George Orwell’s publishing editor who gave the book the title 1984. Orwell did not specify anywhere in the book that the story takes place in any particular year except a future that we don’t know yet. At the time of its publishing, 1984 seemed pretty far away. So even though we are a quarter-century away from 1984, the story is still timeless. At least until we see the era where Big Brother is our ruler, in which case the Eyelamp will sell like hotcakes.


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