The Eye Dot Me Light – it’s watching you

Lights are usually meant to illuminate and not much else, however, this light seems to take things a couple steps further.  It hangs far above your head, spotlighting where you sit.  All the while if you peer above you’ll notice the alarming resemblance to an eye.  Giving you that feeling that someone or something is staring down at you from above.  Play an hour too many of Portal and you’re going to be cowering under your desk, wondering how GLaDOS made it into your house.  Then having the horrifying thought that you’ll never make it to the cake in the kitchen.

This light is a part of the 2009 DMY Berlin Design Festival and was created by Simon Schiessl and Felix Hardwood.  It’s, as you can see, powered by a whole lot of high-powered LED lights.  Technically, what you would think is a lamp is pretty much just a massive bulb.  You take a regular pendant light fixture and screw it in like you would a normal light bulb.  They did actually create this light and not just create something pretty in Photoshop.  However, it’s not quite to the retail point yet.

Source: Gearfuse