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Eye Clock

eye-clockDo you get the feeling of being watched all the time even when you’re all alone in your home? Well, you can further enhance that creepy experience with the Eye Clock, where a pair of pupils will replace the hands of a clock to indicate the current time. For example, the left eye will ‘look’ towards the current hour, while the right eye ‘looks’ to the minutes. Needless to say, you are going to get plenty of laughs out of this especially when it is 9.15 or 3.15 (regardless of whether morning or at night), with the pupils looking in crazy, zany directions. This is one of the cooler desktop clocks to date, and will definitely work out great in giving you some laughs (maybe just smiles, but you get the idea) throughout the day. The Eye Clock is going for £19.99 on Firebox.

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