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The Extreme Vehicle Protection Storage is like a Ziploc for your car


While we’re not particularly worried about our car getting hit with a little bit of rain, we would certainly be more concerned if we were in an area known for flooding. If you can’t keep¬†your car in a safe place¬†during a downpour, you could be looking at some serious damage. While insurance may help you out, it could take weeks to get things settled, and you know how life loves to throw us a perfect storm every now and again.

The premise for the Extreme Vehicle Protection Storage is quite simple. Think of a Ziploc or garment bag being put over your car, zipping it up and leaving without having to worry about damage even if flood waters get up to 2-3 feet. Whether it takes five minutes or ten, this is exceedingly easy to set up, but that’s with having two people present to get the car in the bag and zip it up easily. While it’s said to take under 10 minutes to assemble, how nervous you are about driving your car into a bag will affect the time it takes.

If you do live in an area where flood waters might affect your car and are interested in this method of storage, you’ll need to choose the proper size, and be prepared to pay out $339.99-349.99. It’s said this is also a viable option for snow heavy areas as well. This is definitely going to cost you less than an insurance deductible, and the best part is that when the unfortunate weather passes you can pull this out of the bag and drive off like nothing happened.

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