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Get extreme with the AdrenoCam

If you happen to live a pretty adventurous life and want to record all of those down for posterity, why not consider what the AdrenoCam is capable of offering? Yeah, we know, it will more or less bring memories of the ContourHD camera, but why not give this $200 plus Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder a chance? Regardless of whether you’re capturing images for hardcore sports or military/tactical applications, this DVR is most likely capable of taking all the knocks without compromising on its performance. You will not get full HD recording quality though, as it maxes out at 720 x 480 resolution at 30FPS, although it will be accompanied by fully integrated microphone and speakers alongside H.264 video compression for near-DVD quality footage. In addition, the 2.5″ LCD display allows you to view whatever you’re recording in real time, apart from checking out what you’ve already recorded in the past. We would say you can mount this anywhere else apart from being near your head if you are creative enough to find an access…

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