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This Expressbake Bread Maker is for any carb enthusiast


If you’re living in a household with more than one person that you eat meals with, you understand how important it is to do some meal planning. Not having some idea of what you want to eat and forgetting to preemptively buy groceries will make it all too easy to buy takeout. Since¬†we’ve reached a point where takeout is sometimes just as healthy and expensive as buying and preparing groceries, it’s even more dangerous.

That being said, cooking bigger batches of food and eating it throughout the week is still the cheaper option overall though. The trick is to cook often enough that you like your own food better than paying someone else to make it. This is possible to achieve, but as it is with all things, you have to spend some money to save some money. This Expressbake Bread Maker can make loaves of delicious, fresh bread whenever you want. You will obviously want to care about bread more than buying the plain sliced stuff you can buy for a buck at the local grocery, as what this machine turns out will be of a much higher caliber.

There are 12 bread settings, as well as 3 crust settings so you can make all sorts of different bread, dough, and even jam! The express setting will have your bread done in around an hour, but there is a 13-hour programmable delay baking timer so you can have bread whenever! Who wouldn’t want to wake up to fresh bread? This is a $59.99 purchase that you will have to exercise some self control with, as it is very easy to eat copious amounts of steamy fresh¬†bread on a regular basis.

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