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Most expensive Scrabble board yet

We all know how easy it is to come up with the title of “the most expensive (insert item name here)” by slapping on a few precious jewels, and you are good to go. After all, the Vertu range of mobile phones do a pretty good job at that – even though the innards underneath the hood are far from satisfactory, of course. Well, what about board games? I am quite sure if you were to have a diamond studded board game, you would most probably display it behind a secure glass cabinet instead of having your kids throw it around in a temper tantrum whenever they are on the losing end of things. However, this Scrabble board is very different from the rest – especially when Mind Sports International gave their take on a classic board game, updating it so that it remains technologically relevant in the 21st century.
For starters, this spanking new Scrabble board looks pretty ordinary from the outside at first glance, but it was specially constructed by using RFID chips within each tile, allowing it to detect just where each letter is placed, while transmitting the data to an online channel in a near instantaneous reaction. Not only does this allow folks to follow the game live in a different manner remotely, it also reduces the incidences of potential cheating. All the necessary electronics remain hidden from sight though, thanks to the raised platform.
The 100 letter tiles, as mentioned, will contain a unique RFID tag, while all nine circuit boards are connected to 225 RFID antennas – meaning one for each square on the board, where these will help monitor just where each letter is placed. Your tile rack is not just wood, as it contains RFID sensors as well, helping scan the play area for each tile, takes approximately 974 milliseconds while they are at it.
Just how much would such a Scrabble board cost you? Mind Sports invested more than £20,000 (around US$31,800) to construct each new board, not to mention taking months to test. You take a good guess at what the final sticker price will be like then.

2 thoughts on “Most expensive Scrabble board yet”

  1. Wow this is a great idea. I cannot wait until this becomes available to everyone – as well as the price dropping by a great big amount! I think it could be for sale as much as $100,000 – and I reckon a real enthusiast would pay that, too.

  2. Now there is a mobile application for that purpose, it calculates the score from a photo. Just take the picture of the board and you get it, it’s weirdly named SCORABBLE.

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