The Exotic Virtual Adventure Run makes working out seem interesting

Exotic Virtual Adventure Run

We all want that amazing beach body, but that would require us to eat bland food and work out. It’s not really that exercising is terrible, it’s just really boring. Not only are you doing the same tedious task over and over again, but it’s not engaging your mind at all. You end up sweaty and feeling great afterward, but it’s hard to have an hour of focusing on…not focusing.

Since we’re all well-versed in escaping into TV and video games, it would make sense that this Exotic Virtual Adventure Run could give you a little gym-spiration. This isn’t an entire treadmill, rather a 38” hemispheric monitor that is concave which will show you 1080p footage of beautiful scenery. You’ll be able to walk or run your way through places like California’s Joshua Tree National Park, on the Pacific coastline, or a rustic lakefront village without realizing you’re on a treadmill.

There are of course other locations to run through as well, and all footage was filmed by professional cameramen. Thanks to a wireless sensor that attaches to the treadmill, the footage will sync up with your speed, meaning you can take the route as quickly or slowly as you’d like. You will need to plug into an outlet to use this, and you can choose to mount it if you want. This is an $8,000 purchase that is likely meant solely for the wealthy as not only is that monitor expensive, but you would also have to own a treadmill in the first place.

Available for purchase on Hammacher