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ExoLens Professional Photography System enhances your iPhone 6’s video shooting capability

exolensSo, you are more than pleased with your brand new iPhone 6, having looked on at the ads in envy after all this while, only to save up enough dough at the end of it all in order to bring home this swanky looking handset. Well, after picking up a protective case, now what? Just in case you are having plenty of fun with the camera on your iPhone 6, how about bringing it up to a whole new level? This is what the ExoLens is all about, as it is full well capable of transforms your iPhone 6 into a professional photography and videography tool. After all, don’t great images begin with great lenses? The ExoLens was meticulously engineered using the highest-grade materials in order to deliver clear, crisp, stunning visuals.

How does the ExoLens work? For starters, its optics would be able to open up new dimensions for the already powerful iPhone 6 camera with the 3x Telephoto Lens and 165º Wide-Angle Lens. These professional-grade lenses can be swapped in a matter of seconds, and this is made possible through a compact and functional machined aluminum bracket lined with ultra-soft protective foam.

After all, every photographer would need at least a single great telephoto lens, and the ExoLens’ Telephoto 3x Lens happens to be one of the most powerful telephoto lenses available out there for the iPhone. It has a focal length of 90mm (30mm for an iPhone 6 and 60mm for most competitors), which would allow it to capture distant objects in crisp, full optical zoom. Apart from that, the telephoto lens would also enable the iPhone 6 to be able to properly auto-adjust exposure, which would make the subject appear bright and colorful.

As for the 165º Wide-Angle Lens, it would be able to fill your frame with incredible detail that goes beyond ordinary into the world of extraordinary. In other words, you will be able to capture breathtaking views to family photos, as it has been specially designed to drastically increase the amount of detail and light in order for you to get into a single image.

The ExoLens professional photography system for iPhone 6 will retail for $129.95 a pop if you are interested.

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