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Executive Chefs One Second Probe And Surface Thermometer

The Executive Chefs One Second Probe And Surface Thermometer is one mean device, touted to be favored by “professional chefs and commercial food service facilities for its speed and accuracy.”

This thermometer’s infrared sensor and flip-up thermocouple probe have a one-second response time for instantly measuring the temperature of cooking surfaces or the inner temperature of roasts or liquids. By merely aiming its lens at a target area and pressing a button, it displays the surface temperature from -67° F to 482° F on the LCD panel, with accuracy of ± 7°. It can also be set to display the temperature continuously or just when it registers above or below a pre-set threshold. A built-in flashlight automatically illuminates where the sensor is aimed. The 4″-long probe gives readings from -67° F to 626° F, accurate to ±2° F, and is made of easy-cleaning stainless steel. The 1 1/16″ x 1 5/16″ LCD panel displays surface temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius on the top line and internal readings on the lower line. Separate LED indicators tell you if food temperatures fall within USDA safety guidelines. Includes two AAA batteries that provide power for up to 40 hours, and a padded vinyl carrying case.

The next time you’re thinking of whipping up something delicious for the rest of the family, do keep the Executive Chefs One Second Probe And Surface Thermometer in mind. It will be one of the more expensive kitchen gadgets though as it comes with a $129.95 price tag.

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  1. Every digital thermometer I’ve ever been given or bought has been less than satisfactory in performance or durability. I’ll stick with analog. Anything that named “executive chef” is BS.

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