The exceptionally overpriced Steampunk USB Drive


I’d be willing to bet that at least 80% of the steampunk USB drives I’ve seen haven’t been available for purchase.  However, for once this one is up for sale and it doesn’t look too shabby.  The only thing that’s going to really hurt you is the price tag and believe me, it will hurt.  We’re not even talking it being a matter of hundreds of dollars, it’s more like thousands.  Yes, one Etsy seller either has made a serious typo or they have definitely gone off the deep end.

It’s not that it’s not a good steampunk creation, because it is that.  It’s just that that’s all it is, it’s just good.  It’s not fantastic and it most definitely won’t stop you in your tracks.  The drive doesn’t even come with a ton of memory at that price.  It is going to cost you $3,000 for all of 4GB of memory.  Couldn’t they have at least given you 16GB just to take away the sting of paying that much money for a USB drive?  The drive is one of a kind and is made out of brass and copper.  So if you’re a sucker for one of a kind items, you can currently find this posted on Etsy.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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