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The Exaco Aerobin is an outdoor composter that keeps the stench outside

Exaco Aerobin

Those who live in the cities need to be more concerned with composting and recycling as the sheer number of people produce a lot of unsorted trash. However, it’s nice to compost everything when you have a yard, as you don’t have to keep a smelly bin in your house. Although, the option for city residents to have a non-smelly bin in their homes is available too, but it’s smaller in size and higher price.

If you do happen to have a yard, want to compost, and also enjoy gardening, then this Exaco Aerobin Composter will help. This double-walled insulated polystyrine bin has a very unique self aeration “lung” which means you won’t have to turn any of the grossness inside. There’s even a door to get out compost at the bottom, and a special base reservoir that will collect organic liquid fertilizer that will trickle down to the bottom and come out of a spout. That is certainly going to smell amazing whenever you get it out.

Thanks to its double walls, the winter winds can blow without affecting much of anything to do with this composter. It’s also built pretty sturdy, so you shouldn’t have to worry about winds knocking it over when you’re not home. Thank goodness too, because that would be a terrible job to pick up after. This is going to cost you $275, but will save you a pretty penny in buying fertilizer and compost. That being said, you likely aren’t going to be interested in this unless you have the space and aptitude for gardening.

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