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EVOLUS 3 Qi multi-docking station charges the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, too

evolus-3-qiWhen it comes to the modern day gadget owner, one thing is for sure: there are plenty of accessories to go along with your various devices, supposedly making them more impervious to damage or look cooler. Modern day gadgets also have one Achilles Heel, its battery life which could prove to be less than expected. In other words, a charger is often something that we bring around, since we never quite know when we might use up the daily supply of juice and would need to charge it up during an emergency. Enblue has come up with the EVOLUS 3 Qi multi-docking station that prides itself in delivering wireless charging capability for the all new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, while not forgetting that it is also able to cater to the iPad and Apple Watch in terms of charging, too.

 The EVOLUS 3 Qi will integrate a sleek, Qi certified, module with 3-coil technology, ensuring that it is able to keep the new (and expensive) iPhones charged with a maximum of 7.5 watts, 5V/1.5A, all well within the parameters that have been limited by Apple. Regardless of whether you sold your kidney for the new iPhone X or settled for the more affordable iPhone 8 (relatively speaking, of course), the iPhone when charged will be in the most natural, upright position. The reason behind this is to enable easy access when checking and viewing messages during the charging process. Of course, there will be support for a transverse position as well, in order for you to hook it up to a pair of earphones.

It does not matter the size of your iPhone or iPad, the EVOLUS 3 Qi is able to host them all, as well as the Apple Watch series 1, 2, and 3. Chances are, it will be able to work even with a protective case surrounding your device. Made out of aircraft grade aluminium, it will cost $149 and arrive in Cool Silver.

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