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EVO One Basketball gives you instant feedback on your shots


I’m a pretty tall guy, which means I often get asked how well I play basketball. Unfortunately, I always disappoint people, because to be perfectly honest, I’m not very good. Sure, I spent many hours as a kid shooting hoops, but for some reason, my aim was just always off. I’m sure that if I had a passion for the game, and spent a bit of time with a coach, I’d have learned that I was simply shooting the ball wrong. But soon, you won’t even need a coach to tell you when you’re shooting a ball wrong. That’s what technology is for.

The EVO One Sensorized Basketball is unlike anything I’ve seen before. This is a ball that will actually tell you when you’re shooting it correctly. Housed inside the ball is a small micro-sensor that can measure baskspin rate, axes, and balance of the baskeball when shot. It takes all of these factors into account, and if they pass the mark, it emits a high-pitched whistle to let you know that your shot was a good one.

Obviously, this isn’t actually going to perfect your accuracy, however, studies have shown that shooting a ball with optimal backspin can greatly improve your chances of going in. Also, if you can train yourself to shoot correctly with a tool like this, it will build up the necessary muscle memory to help sink shots when it matters.

The sensor sits inside the basketball, but it doesn’t throw off the weight or balance. The balls have been specially designed to adjust for the extra weight, and location of the sensor so that it performs like a regulation ball. And when you want to actually play with friends, you can take the sensor out. Currently, you can pre-order yours by pledging $59 to the Kickstarter fund, and if it receives enough backers, you can expect to receive it sometime in January of next year.

Source: ChipChick