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EVO 2 action camera stabilizer ready to take on the world

EVO_2There are moments in your life when you go on a thrilling adventure: perhaps a roller coaster ride that the rest of your family and friends have never hopped on before, or you are simply nuts for tackling a downhill trail on your mountain bike that is littered with full of snaking tree roots and other obstacles at daredevil speed. What better way to convey what you see through your eyes than to have it all recorded down on an action camera? However, not all action cameras or smartphones do feature a good stabilizer, which is why the EVO 2 action camera stabilizer is here to help you out.

Being a generation better than its predecessor, the Evolution, the aptly named EVO 2 will boast of a slew of new features and performance characteristics, including the harness, a control panel and color. What makes the EVO 2 all the more hardy is the fact that it is now splash-resistant, which is handy when you tackle more challenging trails. It will arrive covered with ABS composite materials, ensuring that spills and mere drizzle is not going to affect it during recording. Water-proof to a certain extent, feel free to bring the EVO 2 with you along on rainy days even.

Majority of the action camera stabilizers that are available on the market today will feature the time-consuming screws-harness design, but the EVO 2 takes a different route by featuring a clip-up harness in order to hold the action camera in place. This helps you save far more time, where a simple click is all that it takes for you to set up the camera. Apart from that, the camera and gimbal control panel on the EVO 2 ensures you can directly access Gopro functions, switch between video and photo taking, or enter various stabilizer control modes without fumbling around.

The the POV mode and full-speed following mode; Beast mode are also new. When hooked to the EVO 2, the APP ZY Play ensures convenient adjustment of GoPro camera parameters while enabling remote control on the gimbal attitudes.

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