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Evermind – Love and Caring from a Distance


I’ve reached a point in my life where I worry a lot! Sure, I worry about my soon-to-be-teenaged daughter, I worry about my health, and of course, the well being of my parents. There are a million ways to keep tabs on my kid, and I tend to be pretty responsible about myself… but my parents are never going to wear one of those “alert” necklaces, nor are they going to take kindly to my checking up on them…

If you know what I’m talking about, check out Evermind, a rather new gizmo that affords you some real peace of mind. Designed specifically to be unobtrusive, Evermind simply detects when electrical appliances are switched on and off. So, when mom hops out of bed and throws on the coffee maker, an alert lets you know that all’s well, and you can wait until lunchtime for that relaxing phone chat.

Evermind works with a multitude of appliances, so you can choose according to your loved ones routine. Use the microwave, a coffee maker, the TVs, lamps, curling irons, a CPAP machine, or even the garage door openers, and you can be instantly notified when dad gets up, is watching tv after dinner, or is safe in bed for the night.

Evermind can send you text messages or email notifications throughout your day, and will even let you know if something seems amiss. Your Evermind set includes three sensors so you can monitor from one to three appliances. You just plug the Evermind sensors into your outlet, and then plug your selected appliances into that. These sensors are able to connect to the Evermind network with a built-in wireless Internet. So no home Internet connection is required.

Sounds great to me, and I can think of a few other uses for a TV, or garage door monitor (think teenagers) If the Evermind sounds like something that benefit your family, check it out at It’s under $200 for the system, and around 29 bucks a month for the service.