Evena Medical – New “Eyes On” Glasses get Under your Skin


If you’ve ever been to the doctor and had your blood drawn you know that every now and then it’s a hit or miss proposition. Sure, most of the time it’s no big deal, but you’ll remember for weeks to come when they couldn’t find a vein and you left the office bruised and sore. Aging, and certain illnesses or accidents can cause a blood draw, or IV placement to become very difficult… and sometimes, seconds count.

Check out Evena’s Eyes On Glasses, this new, patented, wearable technology, provides the medical community with high definition, anatomically accurate real-time viewing of a patients veins using multi-spectral imaging and an easy-to-use ultrasound for identifying deeper veins. Imagine that the next time you have bloodwork done or need an IV placed, your medical team could actually be looking at a map of your veins. What a relief!

The same technology is being utilized in rugged service equipment specially designed for use by military field medics and physicians, as you can imagine these men and women are often in challenging and inhospitable environments with serious injuries that require immediate attention in the field, including proper IV access in order to be able to quickly and accurately provide life-saving therapy for injured soldiers.

This new technology not only saves lives, but improves patient comfort, and allows doctors to have full awareness of their patient, as the glasses are battery powered with a belt mounted computer, allowing complete maneuverability,  eye contact with both the patient, and the doctors areas of concern.

Eyes On Glasses can send information to other locations via WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity, have an internal memory that can store medical photos and videos for later use, and the glasses have 2 way speakers for audio conferencing and consultations. Evena’s Eyes On Glasses are available to medical professionals right now, and may be coming to an office near you. Check out for videos and more information.