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The Evecase Canvas DSLR Messenger Bag changes to fit your needs

Evecase Camera Messenger Bag

When you love to bring your camera everywhere you go but don’t always want it out in the open, you need a way to safely store it without the chance of breaking anything. At the same time, you want a bag that is also going to be multi-purpose, and can change to suit your needs. Of course, you also don’t want something that screams “I’m holding expensive equipment, please steal me!”.

The Evecase Canvas DSLR Messenger Bag will not only be able to keep your gear safe, but looks like any other bag at a glance. Well, a cool vintage-style bag anyway. This has a tablet or laptop compartment, shoulder strap, a padded interior, and velcro dividers so you can situate the contents of the bag as you’d like. This will easily hold a DSLR camera body, a lens or two, and a few accessories.

There are canvas color options of black, brown, green, purple, and dark grey, but all have a charcoal grey interior for your camera gear. The main pouch zips shut, and the master flap buttons closed over it. Should it start to rain, you’ll also get a rain cover that will at least somewhat deter water from getting to your valuable gear. These are only priced at $54.99, and seem to be well-made enough to be worth the purchase even if they only last for a year of use.

Available for purchase on Amazon