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Eve Room enters the second generation

Eve_RoomWhenever we arrive back home, we would very much like to experience a clean environment where we are able to kick back and relax after a particularly gruelling day at the office. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness, and Eve Systems decided to help those returning home to a welcoming environment with the second generation of Eve Room. Eve Room is actually an indoor climate and air quality monitor complete with Apple HomeKit technology.

 This second generation device will boast of a completely new design, where it includes a high-contrast E-Ink display as well as anodized aluminum body in addition to state-of-the-art sensor technology in order to deliver greatly improved durability and long-term accuracy. Similar to its predecessor, the Eve Room is able to be operated wirelessly, but this second generation model certainly ups the ante over its predecessor with an integrated rechargeable battery.

Expect the second generation Eve Room to retail for $99.95 apiece from September 12th onwards, with pre-orders being accepted already. While there are many other kinds of nifty home improvement devices such as a wall outlet air sanitizer, the Eve Room is an air quality sensor quite unlike any other, offering unparalleled levels of accuracy, design quality, and energy efficiency at its price point.

Making use of the latest technology by Swiss sensor specialist Sensirion, it will determine the concentration of volatile organic components (VOC) without consuming energy unnecessarily. The Eve Room’s cause is further championed via the clever use of optimized materials, where you can check out metrics such as air quality, temperature, and humidity over the Eve app and Siri, or directly on the 1.54″ E-Ink display. There is a quartet of different screen layouts that display the most relevant room parameters in a compact manner, and its built-in battery delivers up to 6 weeks of juice before requiring a recharge.

Make your home a better place to return with the new Eve Room.

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