Eve Flare lets you set the mood anywhere at home

EVE Systems knows that everyone would like to return to a safe and comfortable place at the end of a particularly difficult day. After all, the home is meant to be a refuge for us, so why not help make your abode a little bit more welcoming with the all new portable LED lamp Eve Flare? Currently available in both the US as well as Canada, the Eve Flare is a unique lamp that delivers up to 6 hours of illumination without having to be plugged into a power outlet. This helps you set up the mood at just the right place no matter where you are, although it would be nice if the battery life could be a wee bit longer. Still, it is ideal for those intimate moments as well as when you have family and friends over for dinner.

The Eve Flare does not only deliver wireless lighting capability, it also offers the convenience of wireless charging as well as IP65 water resistance. As with many other home devices these days, the Eve Flare will work best with the Eve app, enabling the homeowner to explore ready-made shades or fine tune custom colors right from the comfort of their handheld device itself. By making full use of the power of Apple HomeKit alongside a direct Bluetooth connection to the iPhone or iPad, the Eve Flare is very simple to set up and does not need a bridge at all.

Those who are interested in sprucing up the home this spring will be able to pick up the Eve Flare for $99.95 apiece from either Eve or Amazon. I have got to admit that the inclusion of IP65 water resistance makes the Eve Flare all the more flexible in its home arrangement since you are able to place it outside by the window without worrying about whether a light shower is going to cause issues with it.

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