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Evapolar is a personal space air conditioner


We’re pretty spoiled when it comes to making our environment how we want it. Smart homes are amplifying this as thermostats like Nest won’t just cool you down, but will remember precisely the temperature you want to be at, and when. Being holed up in a place other than home for a week or more makes you wish you could have that level of comfort wherever you go.

 While you can’t rely on having amazing AC at every location you end up at, you could always bring your own with the Evapolar. This is a compact AC unit that uses a natural method of cooling to let you breathe easy when it’s hot out. It uses water to produce the equivalent of a calm breeze that will gently cool your body rather than the frigid shock of being able to turn the temperature in a room down to 65 when it’s well above 85 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

In addition to giving you cooler air in a 3-4 square meter space, it will also clean and humidify the air. It has a 27-40dB noise level, and will need its 750mL tank refilled with more water every 6-8 hours. The evaporative cartridge is made of mineral fibers to make sure that mold and bacteria won’t start throwing a party inside this machine. This is a $179 device that comes in white, blue, or black, with options for US, EU, UK, or AU adapters.

Available for purchase on evapolar

3 thoughts on “Evapolar is a personal space air conditioner”

  1. The article omits some VERY important information, though perhaps the manufacturer does not provide it for marketing (i.e. misleading) purposes.

    I don’t have experience calculating evaporative coolers, so, someone please correct me if I am wrong. If my research is correct, and this device successfully evaporates its tank in 6 hours (its apparent best performance according to the specs), this is the cooling equivalent of a 287.5 BTU air conditioner. (though it increases, rather than decreases the humidity like an A/C)

    People generate around 315 BTUs of heat while sleeping, and around 400 while awake, but not working. So, this very overpriced humidifier is pretty much useless as a room cooler.

  2. The truth is, a desktop swamp cooler is a good idea. Slantfin used to make one, but no longer. Still, $179 is a stupid price for what is essentially a fan with a filter. If this gizmo sold for $50 or so, then the world might beat a path to Evapolar’s door…

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