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European Smooth and Serrated Knife Sharpener ensures you get a clean cut, every time

european-knife-sharpenerWhile some of us might loathe being in the kitchen due to the potential health hazards, others absolutely love hanging around in the kitchen, thinking up of new ways to whip up various dishes that will delight the entire family and friends whom you have invited over. Of course, as any mother who can whip up a mean dish as well as chef will be able to tell you, there is nothing quite like having a sharp knife at all times. A really, really sharp knife. If you are wondering whether you ought to get a knife sharpener, then the $119.95 European Smooth and Serrated Knife Sharpener would be the ideal candidate.

The European Smooth and Serrated Knife Sharpener happens to adjust itself automatically for professional-quality results with standard, serrated, or Japanese-style single-bevel knives. The entire shebang was the brainchild of a master knife maker in Austria, where it boasts of a precision ground tungsten carbide surface in the sharpener itself that delivers a superior cutting edge without damaging the blade, even as it hones like a chef’s steel without removing metal. As the end user, your job is extremely simple – all that you need to do is to draw the knife across the center opening, where the sharpener’s patented spring-action bars will adjust themselves automatically to accommodate different blade angles, and you’re good to go. A quartet of rubber feet on the base help to prevent scratches on tables or countertops.