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Eufy is a RoboVac that hungers for dust

Eufy Roomba

If you are always running short on time, then house chores are the least of your worries. Things that pertain to money and our health usually have to come first, but having a clean house can factor in to good mental health. Sitting pretty on a pile of money and no personal time can afford you many things, and a clean house could be one of them.

This Eufy RoboVac is a self-charging vacuum that can climb area carpets, and get to all those hard-to-reach spots you would otherwise leave untouched. It will run for about an hour and a half without dying part way through, and uses a 3-point cleaning system to leave a path of spotless floor in its wake. There are side brushes that will scoop dust, hair, debris, and anything else in its way to a rolling brush on the inside, where the suction will make sure that anything swept in doesn’t go out.

This has an anti-scratch tempered glass cover, infrared sensors for dealing with obstacles and falls, and will recharge automatically. There are 4 cleaning modes, including auto, spot, edge, and small room, which will change Eufy’s path to better focus on what needs to be done. It comes with a remote control that needs 2 AAA batteries, a charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, 4 side brushes, and a HEPA-style filter. This will set you back around $219, but if saving you time at home is more important than money, it could have its use.

Available for purchase on Amazon