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Eubiq electrical power outlet allows you to place an outlet where you need it


Two years ago, we introduced you to a great product for the home – the Eubiq power strip. It’s still a great option for those wanting to expand their power options in their home. How many times have you had to move something on the kitchen counter top in order to accommodate an out of reach electrical outlet? You want to put the blender here, but you have no outlet? As such, you’re stuck putting it where you don’t want it. Same thing with that entertainment center. Always slaved to the maximum length of the power cords in your TV, DVD player or DVP.

Not anymore. Eubiq has a really cool track (think track lighting) that allows you to move the plug anywhere along the maximum 3.6 meter (11.81 feet) track. As such, you can now plug in your electrical devices anywhere you want. What you do is twist the plug and pull it out of the track and then repeat it to place it further up or down the track to secure it back into the electrical stream. And you can add more than just two, which has always been annoying about today’s antiquated outlets.

eubiq 2
The Eubiq system is available in 110V or 230V and there are power plugs for just about any plug requirement from traditional two and three pronged outlets, to high capacity 220v utility ones. In addition, the system is extremely safe. A child can place her finger on the track and not get shocked because the slide design shields the electrical stream from any capability of being touched. And if they do touch the plugs themselves, patented safety feature found in all Power Tracks and the Wall Sockets effectively grounds all conductive objects in contacts with it, making it virtually impossible for any hazardous ‘shock’.

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  1. Seeing as most of my gadgets charge via usb these days I hardly use transformers any more. All my major kit is more permanent hence I don’t mind having a 6-way socket tucked behind the cabinet. I reckon wireless charging pads and usb charging are the way of the future for small things. Maybe if the integrated homeplug, provided a 5v usb compatible rail and allowed for ‘sections’ which could be switched off (e.g. ‘home cinema section’). It could have been so much more!

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