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Eton Scorpion is a wonder that goes green

The Eton Scorpion wears many hats. Do you want to listen to a radio? Check. How about having a portable USB charger for your power hungry devices? Check. Hmmm, feeling thirsty and have yet to master the art of opening beer bottles with your teeth? Check. The Eton Scorpion is all of the above and more, where £49.99 will net you a built-in torch as well so that you will be one of the better equipped people whenever you head out to the hills for a short camping trip, the only thing it doesn’t do is pack a flamethrower to fend hungry bears off. Of course, to provide such energy, it will have to receive ‘nourishment’ from elsewhere, and does so thanks to a fold-out turbine handle – assuming you don’t want to let it bake under the sun with its integral solar panel. A sturdy aluminium carabiner completes the description of this wonder device – letting you gain a boost of confidence the next time you tackle Mother Nature. ]]>