Etihad Airways launches private multi-room cabin in Airbus A380

etihadWe all know that when it comes to traveling in the air, the cattle class (Economy) is the most popular by far and large simply because of the fact that it is extremely affordable compared to Business Class and First Class. The thing is, is there something more than what First Class is able to deliver? The answer is a resounding yes, especially when you have the kind of crazy money to go along with it. The national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, has recently announced what they deem to be the world’s first private multi-room cabin on a commercial passenger aircraft, The Residence.

The Residence will boast of a living room, a double bedroom, a separate ensuite shower room, and a dedicated, trained Butler, making you feel as though you were staying in a hotel instead of being en route to your destination elsewhere. The amount of space that you have measures an unparalleled 125 square feet in total area, where The Residence will be located on the forward upper deck of the new fleet of Airbus A380s, and one will be able to choose from single or double occupancy. Needless to say, it is a no-brainer to figure out just which one of the two is more fun on a long haul flight.

The presence of the dedicated butler who will be on call throughout the flight would offer the kind of discrete personal service and attention to detail found in the world’s most exclusive hotels. These are no ordinary butlers, but are hospitality professionals who have been specially selected by Etihad Airways and are undergoing specialist training at the Savoy Butler Academy in London. They even look good in their uniforms that were designed by Rome-based fashion designer, Ettore Bilotta.

In the living room of The Residence, once will find it tastefully furnished with a two-seat reclining sofa upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather, dual marquetry dining tables and a chilled mini-bar. There will also be a 32″ LCD TV for you to enjoy live shows and movies, while the bedroom itself boasts of a 27″ LCD TV. You will also be able to enjoy broadband with internet mobile and data capability, Live TV, HDMI, AC outlet and USB ports.

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