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ESPN Better Batter has automatic reload and baseball sound effects


Teaching your kids to hit a baseball is a bit of a trying task.  Of course, that’s partially because you’re handing your child a bat that probably will at some point hit you instead of the ball.  Plus normally you’re using a tee to teach them.  Once they hit the ball you usually have to pick up the tee and go find the baseball.  With this Fisher-Price product it would at least solve the problems you’d normally have with a normal tee.  Besides wearing full body armor though, there’s no quick fix to keep your child from injuring you.

This ESPN Better Batter has a mechanical arm that drops down and picks up a baseball.  In order to activate that arm, you just have to tap the plate and it’ll automatically load the ball.  The batter comes with baseball “chatter” as well as ESPN music to add a little atmosphere.  It’s meant for ages 3 and up, plus it’ll adjust to accommodate kids as they grow.  It runs on 3 C alkaline batteries, which aren’t included.  You can purchase it for $50 through Fisher-Price.

Source: OhGizmo