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ESG Personal Flying Wings

Gryphon Wings

A new parachute system known as the Gryphon has been designed by ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH and Dräger (not sure how you’re meant to pronounce that). The Gryphon enables parachutists to fly through the air at high speed before opening their chutes, so they could be dropped miles away and fly to their intended targets.

The ESG Gryphon is aimed at the military market, where upon parachutists can be dropped up-to 40 kilometres away from the landing pad and then glide their silently and near invisible to any radar cover.

The next stage of development is to add small turbo jet drives which will increase the range even further and allow take offs from much lower heights. Batman eat your heart out.

Thanks Jörg (of ESG) for the photograph.

10 thoughts on “ESG Personal Flying Wings”

  1. The next stage will not only add turbofans for 200+ km range, but also optional oxygen, GPS… quite a toy!

  2. If this guy was walking, he’d look like a penguin, which is ironic as, except for when fired from a cannon, penguins can’t fly.

  3. What you gotta do if you need to take a leak AFTER you put this thing on but before you take the leap?

  4. i do have the newest updated pic of the front of this device but i don’t know how to post it to this site.

  5. i do have a updated photo for this device and a frontal shot showing the electronics and explaingin what the next generation featurees are but I do not know how to post a pic to this website

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