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The Escort Max II Radar Detector makes you seem like a model citizen

Escort Max II

Everyone exceeds the speed limit whether they mean to or not. When you’re on a long stretch of road for seemingly endless miles with no cars coming or going, you’re going to be a bit lead-footed so you can get to where you’re going faster. Of course, there are police officers who need to do their jobs, and sometimes we forget how fast we’re going when we get closer to civilization.

If you ever find yourself in need of a reminder that you should probably slow down your speed demon ways, then the Escort Max II Radar Detector should help you out. This is a receiver that incorporates military technology, has a multi-color OLED display, and is updated weekly on the whereabouts of red light and speed cameras in North America. It also features a community aspect as other users in the area will give you real-time alerts, warnings, and local speed limit data.

It has a great range, uses voice alerts, and is Bluetooth-equipped for access to Escort Live. This is basically just a network to help you avoid tickets, but it’s pretty obvious that you should be driving safely in tandem with using this. This is one of the more expensive models at $399.99, but seeing that it can save those who can’t seem to help but speed check themselves before racking up tickets which will easily equal that price after 2 or more tickets.

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