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Ergonomical Back Massager

Many of us office drones tend to suffer from bad backs after spending so many hours in front of the computer monitor, hacking away on our keyboards to finish up that report that was due since yesterday. Couple that with poor diet and a dire lack of exercise, and you have got a recipe for a bad back. Well, good to know that there are ways to obtain some form of relief, and the $99.95 Ergonomical Back Massager would definitely be one of them.

The Ergonomical Back Massager comes across as a lightweight back massager that sports a superior ergonomic design, making it a whole lot easier to pinpoint aches as well as pains located at your back. This would do away with the need to contort the body in targeting hard-to-reach areas of the back, as all you need to do is hold up the massager in front at waist or hip level, allowing its curved arm to arch around your shoulder. The massaging “ball” head would then be placed in the ideal position so that it can get to work, relieving tense neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles. Need to reach your lower back? No need to strain yourself, where all you have to do is lift the handle to chest level, and you’re good to go.

All controls are located at the handle, where its dual-speed motor delivers 4,500- and 5,500-rpm oscillation, which is ideal for light relaxing pressure or penetrating deep massage. It comes with a trio of massage heads: a “point” for precise trigger point release, “knuckle” for multiple knots in the same area, and a “palm” to help promote circulation, and guess what? The Ergonomical Back Massager will play nice with your feet, too.

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