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Ergonomical Back Massager

For those of you who happen to be a huge fan of memes, I am quite sure that the familiar and yet forlorn figure known as “Forever Alone” is someone whom you can resonate with, as some of us really do feel as though we are extremely alone at one particularly low point in our lives or another. Well, if you are unfortunate enough to be in such a position at the moment, you can more or less forget about asking someone to give you a soothing back rub after a particularly difficult day at work.

It is a good thing then that Hammacher’s got your back – literally, with the $99.95 Ergonomical Back Massager. This so happens to be a lightweight back massager that boasts of a superior ergonomic design, making it a snap to pinpoint aches and pains that are located in the back. Not only that, it understands that since your back is already uncomfortable or painful, turning or stretching it might do you more harm than good, resulting in even more pain. With the Ergonomical Back Massager, it does away with the need to contort your body whenever you want to target those pesky and hard-to-reach areas of the back, as, the massager remains in front at waist or hip level, while its curved arm does the job.