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The E-Reader Pillow – snuggle up with a virtual book

E-Reader Pillow

It’s funny how things change but also stay very much the same. People used to be awake at night by candlelight, then by bedside lamp, and now we use our phones, laptops, and tablets to burn the midnight oil. The lamps are still there, we just want to tempt fate for how long our vision will hold up. For those of you who just can’t seem to stop reading or browsing the Internet in bed, you know how tired your wrists can get from holding up your tablet or E-Reader, even when you’ve switched up positions time and time again.

The solution is obviously to get a complex system that will dangle your screen above your face so you can’t drop it on yourself. Of course, the E-Reader Pillow would do the task just as easily, more discreetly, and for a much lower price. This snazzy pillow has a soft grip that will hold your device in place, has a supportive ledge so your tablet won’t be nudging you in the tummy every three seconds, and the bottom cushion is molded to the shape of your legs.

Just to make sure you’re at maximum comfort levels when using this, there are pockets for your accessories and a cable clip so no wires get in the way of your decompression time. It’s a pillow for a very specific task, and will set you back around $21 before shipping. It only comes in gray, though you’re likely not going to be too worried about trying to color-coordinate when you’re lounging in bed.

Available for purchase on red5