Eraser USB Stick attempts to raise awareness

This Eraser USB Stick has a quirky design, but a serious message.  It was made to help people to remember how hard it is for those going through Alzheimer’s, while also reminding you of the importance of your own precious memories.  With such a serious message, it might be enough to remind you to back up those picture files you’ve been meaning to deal with.

This is a design that was created in New Zealand for those that live in New Zealand.  These were sent off to local politicians and organizations along with a letter to help raise awareness of their Alzheimer’s charity.   Thus far these seem to have worked pretty well and have gotten a positive response in that part of the world.  It’s a great creative idea and it’s even better that they’re doing it for a good cause.  There’s no word if there’s somewhere to purchase these online so far.

Source: Gizmodiva