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The Epson PX-S05 printer is small enough to stow in your carry-on

Epson Mobile printer

When traveling for business, there are times where you realize just a little too late that you need to print off some important documents (or worse yet, the papers you have with you are ruined by accident). If you’re lucky enough to be at a hotel when the realization strikes, you can go to the business center if they have one, and take care of things. There are some instances where we aren’t so lucky though, and find ourselves in need of a printer.

While you can’t lug the office printer around with you everywhere, you can now store one in your carry-on baggage. Epson is coming out with a slim, lightweight A4 paper-sized inkjet printer that can come with you in your travels. It measures 309x154x61mm, and only weighs around 3.5 pounds. It has the capability to print 50 colored images, or 100 in black and white at a maximum resoluation of 5760×1440 DPI.

Since this will work with Windows, Mac, and is WiFi compatible, it can be used with your computer or myriad of mobile devices. It can be charged through a USB cable connected to your PC or through the mobile battery. You can choose a black or white shell whenever this is available for purchase in September. This is going for 28,000 Yen, around $275 in USD. This would certainly be a life saver before important meetings for those just-in-case scenarios.

More information available on Epson, found via damngeeky