Epson PowerLite X15 projector

Epson does not only churn out printers, but they do have a mean collection of projectors as well. One of the latest projector models to be released by Epson to the masses would be the PowerLite X15, where it is said to target small- and medium-sized classrooms in addition to conference rooms, all for a mere $599.

The Epson PowerLite X15 will oust the extremely popular PowerLite 92, and just to get a rough idea on why size does not matter, this new projector is capable of delivering up to 3,000 lumens color and white light output in XGA resolution, as well as sporting advanced connectivity without breaking the bank for home users or small organizations and educational institutions.


Just what kind of bang for your hard earned buck does the Epson PowerLite X15 offer? For starters, it will come with an advanced feature set, where among it includes HDMI digital connectivity which allows you to hook it up to the latest devices, delivering high-quality video and digital audio in the process. There is also USB Plug ‘n Play which will pave the way for instant projection of video and audio from a PC or Mac using a USB connection.

Do remember that the projector also comes with an easy setup process which is known as Easy-Slide technology, where it delivers an intuitive horizontal keystone adjustment slide control bar which will enable teachers to place the projector off-center from the screen while making the necessary horizontal image adjustments with a single touch of a finger.

Epson’s exclusive E-TORL lamp technology ensures that the lamp life is capable of lasting up to 5,000 hours in economy mode, which will also do its bit to maximize presentation time. A built-in closed captioning decoder also enables your presentations to be accessible to students who have hearing impairments without having to fork out extra money, while complying to ADA section 508 compliance. Expect the Epson PowerLite X15 projector to arrive in markets later this May.

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